The Good Earthkeeping Seal is a mark of distinction that students can award to local businesses that adopt basic environmental initiatives.


o encourage environmental commitments on the part of small businesses by providing ONLY positive reinforcements (“carrots - not sticks”) for simple green initiatives that help towards ”passing on a healthy planet to the next generation”.

To encourage eco-friendly practices by supporting win-win collaborations between:
  • Students groups and youth organizations
  • Teachers on the environment
  • Utility companies, recycling departments
  • Media outlets
  • Local businesses via Chambers of Commerce
To start with baby steps in demonstration projects in local communities but then to expand the project into communities across America

The Good Earthkeeping Project provides an exciting, fresh approach to stimulating environmental improvements in communities. The Project's primarily focus is to encourage local businesses to commit to simple green initiatives by providing positive reinforcements from young members of the community and others who support the Project's values and mission. (This focus on businesses is not because they alone have the responsibility to "go green" but simply because they have the greatest impact on our environment. We intend to encourage all who are involved in the project to make similar commitments.)

This intergenerational ingredient involves young people in learning about green issues and then being welcomed into businesses to discuss the practicalities of putting them into practice.

Although the concept behind this project is simple, "the devil is in the details". At this time, our board is establishing appropriate terms to ensure that The Good Earthkeeping Seal remains a valuable and respected award that is meaningful to both to those who receive it and also those in the local community who support it.

Currently, the Good Earthkeeping Project is structured as a demonstration program based in the city of Gainesville, Florida.

CEO John Paling - "The Positive Environmentalist"
We gratefully acknowledge the extensive pro bono services of Edwin Komen of Shepherd Mullin, Washington DC who first registered our Good Earthkeeping Seal for us in Mar 22, 1994 and has been an ongoing supporter of the project ever since.
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