All of the topics in this section empower people to achieve incredible results while operating in a world of change and uncertainty.

Meeting planners seeking a highly experienced National Geographic speaker as an entertaining and stimulating change of pace in their conferences.

All these presentations on Dealing with Change draw on the “Lessons from Nature” that Dr. John Paling has accumulated from over two decades as an Emmy awarded, National Geographic wildlife photographer.
He customizes each presentation by including short segments from his wildlife video library to serve as memorable metaphors for the main points of his message.
Short animal stories have immense power to help the message stick. (There are
good reasons for this.)
People across the world and over all generations have used the power of animal metaphors to teach the most important lessons for success in their societies.
Now you can add this appealing and effective ingredient to your own meeting an outstanding success.

These topics can be combined and used in time slots from a 60-minute keynote up to a one-day seminar.


It's A Jungle Out there! (More information)
Behind the Scenes of wildlife movies. (
More information)
How to reinvent yourself and your company. (
More information)
How to achieve incredible results in a world of Uncertainty. (
More information)

Everything we know about life on earth tells us that things are always changing and evolving. In the long run, the only things that survive and succeed are those that CHANGE TO MATCH THE REALITIES of what is actually taking place. – John Paling

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