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Dr. John Paling

John Paling is an experienced and distinctive professional speaker and an expert in three different areas. Throughout his long career, his trademark has been to show segments from his Emmy-Awarded, National Geographic wildlife films (narrated live) as metaphors to make the main points of presentations stick in the minds of his audiences.

He works with clients who enjoy the challenge of comparing their strategies for success with those that Mother Nature has been using for hundreds of years. This entertaining approach provides stimulating insights into dealing with change, achieving amazing results, and working together to support sustainable communities.

In addition, John was the founder and is still the driving force of the Risk Communication Institute.

It’s A Jungle Out There: Lessons from Nature
It is almost impossible for audiences to watch nature films and not see parallels in human societies. John builds on this fact and adds an answer to the question in the minds of most viewers of National Geographic programs. “How on earth do they get those incredible pictures? John’s answer to this question reveals his 7 step process that turns out to be just as relevant to individuals as it is to organizations.

(Popular Titles: “It’s a Jungle Out There!”, “The Survival of the Fittest”, “How to achieve amazing results in a world of uncertainty.”

The Good Earthkeeping Project
John takes the powerful reality that “Every little helps” and energizes it with a tool for encouraging businesses to show their concern to support environmental sustainability. John has been described as “the preeminent positive environmentalist” because he seeks to influence by using “carrots” and not “sticks”. He puts together community partnerships involving youth, environmentalists,the media and businesses to stimulate baby steps towards stepping more lightly on our planet.

Popular Titles:
“The Good Earthkeeping Seal, Working Together towards a Sustainable Future”, The Greening of America.”, and "If I wasn’t such a Greenie, I would Buy a Lamborghini!”


The Risk Communication Institute
For information about Understanding Risks and Building Resilience.

Home of the Paling Perspective Scale™ and the Paling Palette™, simple visual aids to help professionals put risks into perspective for patients and the general public.

Popular Titles:
“Putting Risk into Perspective”, “Up to your Armpits in Alligators?”, “Medics are from Mars, Patients are from Pluto ™”.